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Notice of motion postponement
An information sheet of a notice of motion requesting a postponement of a matter.
Dispute resolution
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CCMA and B/councils
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Information Sheet
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Johanette Rheeder
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APPLICATION FOR POSTPONEMENT ___________________________________________________________________ PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that, on a date and a time to be determined by the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (“the CCMA”), the Applicant will apply for an order in the following terms: 1. Postponing the arbitration set down under Case Number GATW 111/1; 2. Setting the matter down for arbitration on three consecutive days; 3. Appointing a senior commissioner to the case; 4. Directing the Respondent to pay the cost of application, in the event that it is opposed. BE PLEASED TO TAKE NOTICE FURTHER that the affidavit of AAA, together with annexures thereto, will be used in support of this application. BE PLEASED TO TAKE NOTICE FURTHER that the Applicants appoints the address set out below as the address at which Applicants will accept notices and correspondence in this matter. BE PLEASED TO TAKE NOTICE FURTHER that should the Respondent intend to oppose this application, it/he is required to deliver a notice and written